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Florida Board of Massage Therapy License #40160

Swedish Massage

While this is the most common type of relaxation massage, at Royal Palms we customize the experience to your body’s needs. You will enjoy deep serenity during which your major tension areas will be relieved and your busy mind will come to rest.

30 min – $40
60 min – $70
90 min – $105

Deep Tissue Massage

This is an aggressive massage that carries the clear intent of reaching the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Deep tissue massage is recommended for people with chronic injuries or those who enjoy strong, firm pressure. This massage is not recommended for your first massage experience.

30 min – $50
60 min – $80
90 min – $115

Foot Reflexology Massage

Enjoy a therapeutic foot massage using an ancient modality of health and healing tracing back to the Far East. Reflex areas in your feet (as well as your hands and ears) correspond to all the major organs, glands and body parts. By stimulating these reflex points, health in the corresponding organs is promoted via your body’s energetic pathways. Your foot reflexology session will be deeply relaxing, while providing health benefits throughout your entire body.

30 min – $40
60 min – $70

Aromatherapy Massage

Stimulate and energize your mood through a sensory journey of aromatherapy. A custom blend of organic essential oils is combined with techniques of Swedish massage to soothe your senses and relax your mind.

60 min – $80
90 min – $115

Tropical Escape Refining Body Treatment

Buff and scrub from head-to-toe with fresh cucumber and peppermint to remove dryness.  Next, wrap up in a hydrating dream of citrus, cucumber and peppermint. Infuse your skin with Vitamin-C rich grapefruit and mandarin to leave your skin soft and supple while smelling refreshingly sweet.

60 min – $93

Organic Sugar Scrub

Treat yourself, by stimulating circulation and adding natural minerals to the skin, our body scrubs will create a fresh, relaxed feeling for both your mind and body! The skin is polished with your choice of naturally fragrant sugar leaving it positively glowing.

30 min – $50

Healthy Living

We recognize that many people are trying to live a healthier lifestyle: eating well, exercising and searching for spiritual enrichment. For this reason, we provide safer, more natural body care that gives you the results you want but with less environmental impact. To achieve this, the ingredients we use are as close to nature and as minimally processed as possible.




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Full Arms


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Packages + Bundles

Signature Package (3 hrs)

Signature Facial
Classic Manicure
Traditional Pedicure
Swedish Massage

Gold Package (3 hrs)

Signature Facial
Classic Manicure
Traditional Pedicure
Tropical Escape Refining Treatment

Royal Star Package (3.5 hrs)
Signature Facial
Hot Stone Manicure + Pedicure
Organic Sugar Body Scrub
Deep Tissue Massage

Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or beer on us for your first visit.




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